You can hear your pulse racing inside of your head as you glance up and see the clock ticking away…60 minutes doesn’t seem like such a long time anymore. That’s how long you and your group has to solve every puzzle and uncover every clue to try and break free of this escape room. You’re in the game, living every adrenaline infused moment. You’ll need your wits about you if you’re going to make it out in time, leaving no stone unturned and communicating with your team members to make it out of the escape room.

Every key and code is inside the room, you just have to find them, use them or combine them to get to the next step that will lead to your escape. The road isn’t easy - it’s not meant to be - but with some good teamwork and a lot of fun you and your friends, family or colleagues will make it out with awesome memories to keep you buzzing for days!




  • We booked for the prison Van and the poltergeist room. I loved the prison Van, so realistic, imaginative and quite clever. My husband preferred the poltergiest, also clever but more traditional. Staff were great, perhaps a few more clues than we would have liked, but an excellent day. Many thanks.
  • With a 15 year old celebrating his birthday it is always hard to find something that is fun to do with Mum and Dad! But this provided him, us and our 19 year old son with an hour of brain use and fun, away from a mobile screen......definitely to be recommended.
    Clare W
  • I have been to several other escape rooms, including some in Bristol. I booked the secret room with puzzlair as a surprise valentines day engagement proposal to my girlfriend. I had never been here before but I had heard from friends and other tripadvisor reviews that puzzlair was particularly good. The staff were all incredibly helpful and supportive of the proposal idea, they hid the ring in the perfect place and even hid a bottle of champagne in there with it so it was a surprise to both me and my girlfriend. This was a lovely gesture and just helped make it all feel more special. The room itself was also honestly the best escape room I've been in. I won't spoil it, but I will say that it had a good mix of hunting around, tackling unique standalone puzzles, and, my favourite, combining lots of different clues together. And the high quality standards I've seen in this room make me very excited to return and visit their other rooms.
    Lewis T
  • We were a mixed group of ages (16-64) and we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit today. The staff were friendly and helpful-otherwise we would still be there!!
  • We played the Secret Agent Room escape game and had a really great time! Something really different and we will definitely be booking another treat for this year's Christmas present to one another - children aged 11, 13 and 15, perfect ages to enjoy and take part with Mum and Dad! Staff were very friendly and helped us along with the odd (much needed!) clue!
    Rachel Brotherton
  • Wanted something different for my 65th birthday... I’d never been to a puzzle room before. Really enjoyed this experience with my husband. Every type of brain/problem-solving approach has something to contribute! And when it’s going badly, there are apt and very timely clues from the puzzle mistress. Good fun.
  • This is the best escape room around! I have completed a couple of their rooms now and they are all so varied and existing. The people follow you progress and give you clues only when you really need them, and still make the clues cryptic and a challenge! My favourite is the secret agent room!! Me and my sister completed it with 59 seconds to spare!! Money well spent!
  • We went on a work team building evening and it was fab! The prison van was so cool and the other groups all commented on how brilliant their rooms were. Would highly recommend it for family or friends but it worked excellently for a work team building event. The amount of communication and teamwork required really was amazing and when you escaped successfully it made you feel like you were had really achieved something! 10/10!
    Abigail H
  • Thanks to the people at Puzzlair, we had an amazing time!! They overheard us talking about the fact it was my birthday and even gave me a present! Amazing hosts and lots of fun!
    Keldav 95
  • What an absolutely amazing place! Can't recommend highly enough!!! Rooms are brilliant and intriguing and staff are great....so much so we JUST HAD TO COMPLETE ALL SIX ROOMS....3 straight in a row!!!!!!!!!
    ALEX S on TRIPADVISOR - 2016.06.
  • I wanted to give my son, his wife, my daughter and her partner a different way to do things together and have fun. We all like mysteries and puzzles and I felt this gave us the opportunity to experience both together. On arriving we were greeted warmly. After a brief synopsis of the case, we were eager to proceed. It took a little while to get into the sleuthing mode, but with a few prompts, we were going well, that even Sherlock would be proud of. An wonderful hour spent together. Thank-you for this.
    LUCINDA219 on TRIPADVISOR - 2016.09.
  • I was part of a small team who organised a 30 person team building day for our business. It can be difficult to cater for a variety of abilities when you have a range of ages in your workforce but Puzzlair was perfect. For the more outgoing colleagues there were slightly more challenging games and for those that just wanted a good brain workout, there were the standard games. We had 6 teams in total, playing all 6 of the games that Puzzlair offer, only 4 got out of the room within the hour. Afterwards, I received messages from several colleagues saying how much they enjoyed the afternoon. Two members of our management team are booking to bring their families and people are still talking about it almost a week later! Gabor and Judit were really helpful getting us booked in and organised before we arrived. Puzzlair have such a friendly team who keep up the 'mysterious' atmosphere whilst being fully supportive of any first time players who may be anxious. The game masters are a great support, giving clues when you need them. Just go, go, go. In my opinion, there's no reason not to!
    EMILY L on TRIPADVISOR - 2016.10.
  • A group of 5 of us visited to do the escape from the Prison Van challenge. I've done a couple of escape rooms but nothing like this, it was so well thought out and although challenging we did manage to get out with 8 minutes to spare! Enjoyed it from beginning to end, would definitely recommend!! Will be back to try other rooms soon!
    Abigail Doggrell - on TRIPADVISOR- 2016.11
  • Puzzlair is by far the best escape room I've ever come across - you are constantly solving clues, you feel 'locked-in' and tied to the specific context they've created for you and you also feel supported as they watch intently to check your progress (via cameras)! I've been to other escape rooms where there is no support, or you use a 'telephone' to ask for clues, or they poke their head in the room and ask if you are doing ok. I've also been to escape rooms where they only have 4 or 5 puzzles and you either finish early or are stuck at some mundane point solving the same clue for 25minutes - Puzzlair has none of those issues! You will be wowed by the rooms too - all of them have quite brilliant and unique puzzles. I've done 4 rooms now, 2 more to go!
    Dan C - on TRIPADVISOR- 2016.11
  • We received a warm welcome from the Puzzlair team on arrival. The rooms were well thought out, unpredictable, very challenging and well organised which made it a lot of fun and the hour just flew by. We had a brilliant time and it was superb value for the money. We are absolutely delighted to recommend Puzzlair to others and if you get the chance, then you should definitely give it a go!
    SammyEagle - on TRIPADVISOR - 2017.01
  • This is a great experience. My brother and I have done several Escape Rooms and this is up there with the best of them. Our host, Gabor, was an excellent guide and the room itself was very well put together. There were a good mix of puzzles, the story line was obvious and linked to the puzzles nicely, and we were supported well through the game.
    David G – on TRIPADVISOR – 2017.01