Escape Games for Families with Children

Why an escape game is great for families with children:

– The tasks are quite challenging but they are still achievable.
– Children never overthink the puzzles and they have a very good eye for detail.
– As the escape game requires team work, your children can get involved in each puzzle.
– Because of the small group setup everybody is important in the game, nobody will feel
bored or left out.
– The experience is long enough to create unforgettable family memories.
– The game is intense from the start and the last 5 minutes is just mind blowing.

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Are all of the rooms suitable for children?

– In Bristol The Prison Van (because everyone will be locked individually in different cells) is
recommended over 14 and the Poltergeist (contains scary elements) is not recommended
for anyone under 18. The other 4 rooms are suitable for children over 12.

– In Yeovil both of our rooms are suitable for families with children.

Is there any age limit?

– Our rooms are the most enjoyable for children over 12.
– If you bring children under 12 as part of your team, please make sure they are supervised by
one adult player during the game (some life experience is essential to complete the puzzles).

How many people can play your escape games?

– The games have been created for small groups, between 2 and 5 people. Only the Secret
Agent is available for up to 6 people in Bristol and The Cold War Catch in Yeovil.
– We can host a maximum of 31 players at the same time in 2 different locations in Bristol and 11 players in two rooms in Yeovil.

Are discounts available for large teams?

– For a large booking (over 15 people) we offer a 15% discount.
– More discounts available if you book for 2 slots, one after the other for the same people. In
the second booking you can get a 30% discount.

How can I book for a large family team? Do I have to pay upfront?

– Our experienced team are on hand to help with making even the most complicated
– You just send us an email with the essential details and we make the bookings for you.
Essential details are: Name, number of players, date & time. Nothing more needed at first.
– Payment needs to be made at least one week before your game, no exceptions.
– We require full payment, we can’t handle deposits.

Can I get any references?

– We have more than 1100 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor. 92% of all reviews are 5-stars. Also we have recently started to get further reviews for our new Yeovil site.
– Facebook is even better: more than 500 5-star reviews and more than 98% of them are 5-
stars in Bristol. Check out our Yeovil site here.

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