Escape Games for Team Building

Why an escape game is good for team building:

– Because the rules are simple, but the tasks are not. Easy to understand for everyone.
– The game requires team work and excellent communication.
– You have the same experience at the same time.
– Because of the small group setup everybody is important in the game, nobody can get bored or feel
left out.
– The experience is long enough to create team memories.
– The game is intense from the start and the last 5 minutes is just mind blowing.

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How many people can play?

– The games have been created for small groups, between 2 and 5 people. Only the Secret Agent room
is available up to 6 people
– In our 2 locations we can handle 10 and 21 people, 31 in total at the same time if using both locations
(which are within walking distance of each other).

Discounts are available for large teams?

– For over 15 people we offer a 15% discount.
– More discount is available if you book for 2 slots, one after the other for the same people. In the
second booking you can get 30% discount.

How can I book for a large team? Do I have to pay upfront?

– Our experience team can assist with making even the most complicated bookings.
– You just send us an email with the essential details and we make the bookings for you. Essential details
are: Name, number of players, date & time. Nothing more is needed at first.
– Payment needs to be made at least one week before your game, no exceptions.
– We require full payment, we don’t handle deposits.

Can I get any references?

– We have more than 1000 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor. 92% of all reviews are 5-star
– Facebook even better: more than 500 5-star reviews and more than 98% of them are 5-stars.

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