Independent Blog about Puzzlair-4D Escape Game, part II

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A cross between Crystal Maze and Saw…

Before you all panic too much, this was not real. You can all calm down now. We were actually within one of two escape rooms, put together by the genius people of Puzzlair. Now this is a tricky game to write about as I don’t want to give too much away – you need to try this for yourself – but I’ll try and give you a feeling of the experience though…

Puzzlair is described as a 4D Escape Game. Apart from that, the website does not give much away on what to expect. Reading comments on the wall on arrival, it becomes even more curious. The only hints we were given before being locked in the room by the games master were: “it’s a brain game” and “search everything!” Hmmm…

Within minutes of our briefing, the tension began to develop. You have to work out what clues link to which problem and the order to solve the problems. It gets stressful! Team work is key to the game. You need to work together to make sure you don’t miss any clues and communicate regularly so you don’t repeat anyone else’s work. My main tip is remember the advice to search everything. We were on chairs, scouring surfaces, pulling out drawers, anything to try and find some hints.

And we did it! WIth 3 minutes 44 seconds to spare – PHEW!!! We have to say a massive thank you to the games master as he helped us out in some particularly confusing moments. If it wasn’t for him, we would be dead right now.

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