Propose In An Escape Game – A Puzzlair Proposal

Escape Room Proposal

When I decided I wanted to propose to my girlfriend I knew that I wanted it to be a complete surprise, and something that she wouldn’t forget. To keep it as romantic as possible I had decided I wanted to propose on Valentines Day. We both had been to other escape games in the past but had heard from friends and sources such as Tripadvisor that Puzzlair was particularly special and had intended to go for some time.

The idea to take part in an escape game actually came from my girlfriend herself, as she was the one who spotted the Valentines Day discount for two players. I was quick to (subtlety) encourage us to go, knowing that maintaining her belief it wasn’t my idea would make it that much less expected.

I had done some research and seen that I would not be the first to propose at Puzzlair, and that it seemed like it had been a special day for other happy couples. So I decided to go ahead, and phoned Puzzlair to explain what I would like to do. They were very supportive, and open to the idea, with a clear understanding of what I wanted. I would come in with my girlfriend on the day, hand them the ring whilst “going to the toilet” and they would lock it away near the end of the game.

They also agreed to film the proposal itself for me despite normally not allowing any filming of the rooms to maintain the secrets of the game. I was a little worried of what would happen if we were unable to finish the game, but they assured me that they would be watching us and if we were falling behind they would give us hints.

On the day itself I was incredibly nervous about giving the game away, or if anything went wrong. When I got in and mentioned my booking slot, the staff member working with us as part of his presumably standard briefing asked if any of us needed the toilet. After a gap long enough not to draw any suspicion he followed me out and I was able to secretly pass him the ring for him to hide in the game.

During the game itself the nerves wracked up, as I prepared myself for a possible proposal behind a few possible locked safes! We had a great time in the game itself, which had more than a few particularly clever puzzles which I won’t give away here. When we finally got to open the lock behind which I knew the ring would be, I read out the code whilst my girlfriend prepared to open it. Initially she thought the ring was there as a prop as part of the game! However, once I got down on one knee and made it clear what was happening we were both quickly filled with emotion and I got my clear YES!

It was a fantastic day, and was topped off by the staff leaving us some champagne to drink whilst we all talked about what had just happened, it’s a story I’m sure we’ll retell over and over and I’m so happy to have proposed in such a memorable way.

Romance for Thrill Seekers

Do you want to propose to your partner in the same exciting and unique way? At Puzzlair we would love to be part of your special day! We enjoy a challenge too. Get in touch with us and we can help with planning where in our escape rooms you will hide the ring so all you have to do is solve the clues to get to the most exciting one. We’ve completed enough escape room proposals now that we’re pros.