Room Escape Game Activity – for EVERYONE

Real Life Room Escape Game!

Looking for something different to do?

If you are looking for any of the following: Activity, Game, Team Building, Intense free time, Fun, Unforgettable memories– then Puzzlair-4D Real Life Room Escape is your place!
We strive to deliver the best gaming experience for You.
What we do is a mixture of all the above by simply closing you into a room – with you and your friends or colleagues or family members.
It is an immersive Activity because you have to race against the clock and use your brain and your skills to get out. It is a Game because you can win your freedom or loose it. It is a Team Building because you have to be part of your team to complete the tasks given. It is Intense because the time is ticking and there are many clues to find and puzzles to solve. Fun, because you are in a never experienced, designed stress situation which brings out a serious humor from the players. Lastly, you get a Unforgettable Memory at the end.
And one more thing: it is available for EVERYONE over 12!
What we are proud of: we have loads of company team buildings, Family reunions, Engagements, Birthday Parties, Hen and Stag do-s, beyond the classroom school activities.
If you are ready for an intense, flesh and blood game- but not a virtual one- Puzzlair-4D is your place to be.

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Gabrielle team

Gabrielle team

Hen Do - Jack Travis theme

Hen Do – Jack Travis theme

Hen Do - Secret Agents theme

Hen Do – Secret Agents theme