Vouchers for Bristol & Yeovil

Puzzlair Voucher

Vouchers are available for Bristol & Yeovil

Now You can buy our designed Gift Vouchers to your loved ones. The voucher is valid for 6 months from purchase. Don’t hesitate, buy the perfect experience

How to buy a Puzzlair Gift Voucher for a team of 2-5 players?

1. Go to the Booking section and choose the location first and than choose Vouchers (last option on the page).
2. Choose the number of the players, add a personalised message and add the voucher to the cart.
3. You’ll see your booking overview – here you can add more bookings or vouchers to your cart OR you can proceed to the checkout.
4. You’ll receive the online coupon with your message and the unique code on it and the invoice by email right after the payment.
5. We have two locations: Bristol and Yeovil. You only can redeem the vouchers on the location you have bought it for.

The gift vouchers are valid from Monday to Sunday for any of our six rooms in Bristol or any of our games in Yeovil.