What to do in Bristol

puzzlair escape game what to do in bristol

outside_puzzlair_bristol_01What to do in Bristol? Well, this is an easy question – easy answer situation.  Do Escape Game!!!


In Bristol you can do nearly everything. Bristol has Shopping Mall – more than one -, Bristol has pubs, restaurants, 2 football teams, other sports events, street arts, festivals during the year, you can go for baloon as well. Here is the Aquarium and zoo as well so basically if you open your eyes you can’t be bored it doesn’t matter the age of yours.

But these things are not unique, you can find them on many other places as well and there is a big chance to find them better.

Here we comes into the picture: Puzzlair-4D The Real Escape Game is the new what to do in Bristol today kind thing here in Bristol city centre!

Do you have friends or children? Maybe are you looking for a good event for your colleagues but you don’t have 3 or more hours for the project? The Escape Game is your place then: All it takes approx. 80 mins – chating before and after are included!!! And it is doesn’t cost more for you than a boring american 3D post-apocalyptic movie with popcorns and coke 🙂 This is a challenge, this is the “thing to do” you will remember for a month, this is exactly the “What to do in Bristol” what you can discuss with your team after the game, this is the “What to do on boring days?” you can strongly can recommend to friends, family members or basically to everyone.

Convinced? Good!

Not convinced? In this case just let yourself convinced by the game itself. Book, Play, Admit it was fun! Real fun! Real Escape!


Puzzlair team